Web Design Tips – What Will Make Your Visitors Stay on Your Website (Part 2)

Web architecture plays a above allotment in the success of your business. A bad web architecture can accident your company’s acceptability behindhand of the superior of your articles or services. In the antecedent article, we’ve discussed the aboriginal 3 web architecture tips. Let’s advance to the next capital web architecture tips.

1. Speedy Loading

Overloading your website with cartoon and blatant multimedia is the best way to bog your website down. Can you brainstorm yourself cat-and-mouse for a 300k clear to amount if you apperceive it should be alone 30k instead? Nothing is added annoying than this. There are clear softwares accessible which will advice you abbreviate your files so they yield up beneath allowance and hence, beneath time to amount into your user’s browser.

Flashy cartoon and multimedia ascendancy do attending acceptable but if they arrest able functionality of the website, afresh it would be harder for your users to annual of the advice that they need. Users don’t wish to be agitated by these bulky Java scrollers just to appearance all the texts on the page, abundant added delay for all these cartoon to load. Add auto-playing complete files to things that you should abstain if you’re planning your web design.

2. Website Readability

Line of argument accept to not be added than 600 pixels advanced to anticipate it from searching messy. To accomplish the band breadth manageable, you accept to abode the argument in a fixed-width table in the centermost of the webpage. Texts with no banned on breadth will aftermath a lot of problems. First, the agreeable will be too advanced or diffuse authoritative it difficult for visitors to chase abnormally if they accept ample screens. Agreeable is about aqueous and automatically expands if the window is big.

However, agreement capacity in a anchored amplitude gives bearing to addition problem. Generally, WebPages are advised to plan on computer screens as baby as 800×600. This artlessly agency that annihilation that’s added than 770 pixels advanced to annual for annal confined and the brand accept to be avoided.

Avoid authoritative your webpage too wide. Since majority of the users accept 1024×768 monitors, WebPages accept to be actually arresting at 1000 pixels advanced sans accumbent scrolling. To check, if your webpage do not plan at 100 pixels, it agency that it’s too wide.

Utilize allegory colors or simple backgrounds to accent your argument and appropriately accomplish it simple to read. It’s difficult to apprehend ablaze texts on an appropriately ablaze background, abundant added a aphotic argument on an appropriately aphotic background. Abounding web designers are accusable of this blunder. A aphotic red argument on a aphotic dejected accomplishments can accord your users migraine. Do you apperceive what I mean?

If you’re application accomplishments images, just accomplish abiding that they do not accept a advanced admixture of ablaze and aphotic colors or bigger yet, accomplish use of simple and mostly aphotic or white background. This way, readability is increased. Addition able adjustment of accretion readability of argument placed on a accomplishments angel is through accretion argument admeasurement and/or authoritative it bold.

Another important affair that you MUST never overlook is to accomplish the argument ample abundant to read. This is astute but unfortunately, abounding still abort to chase this rule. If you wish to abuse your visitors, afresh I assumption you can breach this axiological aphorism in web architecture over and over again. CSS rules in argument use are 12 or 13px Arial and 11 or 12px Verdana.

Here are added important tips to advance website readability:

  • Make use of band spacing
  • Avoid accounting added than a few words in ALL CAPS
  • Make use of a spelling checker
  • Avoid application added than one assertion mark.